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Funny Super Bowl Commercials

Funny Super Bowl Commercials


Some Super Bowl commercials are just too funny. Here are a few compilations of some of the funniest ads.

In this ad composite you'll see four Bud Light commercials:

  • Whoever stops the quarterback gets a Bud Light on me.
  • Secret revolving wall hides the Bud Light - Maybe not.
  • Jackie Moon does a commercial - Outtakes.
  • The swear jar. Put in 25 cents every time you swear. The money goes toward a case of Bud Light.
And one Starbucks commercial - You could some day become supervisor
And one Ameriquest Mortgage Company - Doctors zap a fly with the cardiac paddles. Don't judge too quickly. They don't.




Best of All Time Bud Light and Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials
At least one person thinks they are the best.

  • The dog is really an alien. What have you learned on earth? - "Whazzup?"
  • Clydsdale - Donkey wants to pull the wagon with the Clydesdales. What makes you think you can be a Clydesdale son?
  • Why don't you get us something light to drink?
  • Border Collie is trained to fetch the Bud Light.
  • Skinny dipping with an audience



More 2008 Funny Super Bowl Commercials

  • What is Love - Diet Pepsi Max
  • Pepsi - Justin Timberlake - Magnetic, every sip gets you closer
  • Life Water - Lizards dance to Thriller
  • Bridgestone - Screaming Squirrel
  • Tide Stain Remover - Tell me about yoyurself - Job interview where the guy's got a stain on his shirt
  • Jackie Moon - Bud Light
  • Bud Light - Invention of the wheel
  • Bridgestone - Ozzy Osborne, Richard Simmons - Driver avoids all opstacles at night
  • Planters Cashews - Perfume



Here's a Bunch More Funny Super Bowl Commercials

  • Nike - Soccer team plays to the tune of Papa Loves Mambo.
  • Bud Light - Bartender takes a break. "Give me a shout if anybody comes in."
  • Bud Light - Farting horse. Guy and girl in a horse drawn carriage. "This is romantic." But the horse puts a damper on the mood.
  • Monte Carlo at Nascar
  • Nokia - Cat swings around on the blade of a ceiling fan. It's not a home video. It's a phone video
  • Reebok - Linebacker Terry Tate - Improves productivity
  • Bud Light - Things are getting pretty serious. I'm meeting her mother tonight. - In 20 years she'll look just like her mom. (Better drink Bud Light.)
  • Japanese guy tries to catch a falling tree/
  • Bud Light - Skinny Dipping with an audience
  • John West Red Salmon - Man fights the bears to get the salmon



Funny Classic Super Bowl Commercials

  • Bud Light - Mini Fridge plays in the Robo Bash
  • New Chevy - Kids with soap in their mouths for swearing
  • Bud Light - He's not good with the ladies. Try this...
  • Ameriquest - Cat spills pan from stove - Don't judge too quickly. We don't.
  • Guy gives his dog Budweiser
  • Guy jumps out of plane for Bud Light.
  • Falcon retrieves Bud Light.
  • Ameriquest - You're getting robbed. Don't judge too quickly.
  • Bud Light - Chimp talks to lady. "Whoa. Here he comes. Act natural."


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Funny Super Bowl Commercials

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