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NLF Team Nicknames Quiz 2 Answers, Alphabetically

NLF Team Nicknames Quiz 2 Answers, Alphabetically


Here you'll find all the alphabetical answers to the NFL Nicknames Quiz, the one with the Not-So-Nice names.

Nickname Team           Nickname Team
Afraiders Raiders           Greenskins Redskins
Ain'ts Saints           Griese Monkeys Broncos
Ants Giants           Guppies Dolphins
Armpitsburgh Steelers           Hershey Squirts Browns
Bait Dolphins           Hounds Browns
Barffalo Bills           Indianapolis.500 Colts
Beagles Eagles           Jagwads Jaguars
Belles Bills           Jerks Jets
Biles Bills           Jesters Jets
Bolts Chargers           Jills Bills
Bores Bears           Kittens Panthers
Bungholes Bengals           Lambs Rams
Bungles Bengals           Lie-downs Lions
Buzzards Falcons           Light Bulbs Chargers
Cadavers Cardinals           Masqueraiders Raiders
Canaries Cardinals           Michael Jacksonville Jaguars
Cellars Steelers           Modell's 'Mos Ravens
Charburgers Chargers           Mules Colts
Cheaps Chiefs           Mutts Browns
Cheats Chiefs           Mylanta Falcons
Cheeks Chiefs           OrangeCrushed Broncos
Cheeps Chiefs           Pack Mules Broncos
Chefs Chiefs           Paper Airplanes Jets
Chickenhawks Seahawks           Patsies Patriots
Chickens Eagles           Patties Patriots
Chicks Seahawks           Pattycakes Patriots
Chimps Chiefs           Pigeons Eagles
Chokeboys Cowboys           Ponies Colts
Chokeland Raiders           Pony Boys Broncos
Chokes Chiefs           Pussies Panthers
Chum Dolphins           Pussycats Panthers
Chumps Chiefs           Quaints Saints
Clowns Browns           RaiDuhs Raiders
Cokeboys Cowboys           Rob's Johnsons Bills
Cowardly Lions Lions           San Di-yecch-o Chargers
Cowboobs Cowboys           Scrams Rams
Cowchips Cowboys           Seachickens Seahawks
Cowdogs Cowboys           Seaducks Seahawks
Cowgirls Cowboys           Seagulls Seahawks
Cowher's Cowards Steelers           Seahacks Seahawks
Crows Ravens           Seahags Seahawks
Cryami Dolphins           Seahonks Seahawks
Cryboys Cowboys           Seasquawks Seahawks
Cryin' Ryans Chargers           Seatwats Seahawks
Curtain Rods Steelers           Shanahan's Sham Broncos
Dal-last Cowboys           Sheep Rams
Dal-loss Cowboys           Silver & Blecch Falcons
Dancing Bears Bears           Slackers Packers
Dawgs Browns           Sparklers Chargers
Deadskins Redskins           Spats Patriots
Dirty Birds Falcons           Squaws Chiefs
Discharges Chargers           Squealers Steelers
Doinks Broncos           Stillers Steelers
Dolts Chargers/Colts           Suckaneers Buccaneers
Donkeys Broncos           Swamp Gas Jets
Donkos Broncos           Swedish Chefs Vikings
Doug & the Slugs Bills           Tea Men Patriots
Ducks Falcons           The Cheez Packers
Duffalo Bills           The SuperDumb Saints
Dullfins Dolphins           The Village People 49ers
Dwarfs Giants           Thiefs Chiefs
Faders Raiders           Titanics Titans
Faints Saints           Traitors Raiders
Farty Whiners 49ers           Tuna Dolphins
Filthydelphia Eagles           Turkeys Eagles
Fins Dolphins           Velveetas Packers
Fish Dolphins           Viqueens Vikings
FortyNinnies 49ers           Wade's Wads Bills
Fraiders Raiders           Water Chickens Seahawks
Fudge-Packers Packers           Weakhawks Seahawks
Geese Falcons           Winged Water Rats Seahawks
Geldings Colts           Yuckaneers Buccaneers
Gliders Jets              
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