Funny 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV. Super Bowl Ads.If you're mad at your kid, you can either raise him to be a nose tackle or send him out to play on the freeway. It's about the same. - Bob Golic
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Funny 2011 Super Bowl Commercials

Funny 2011 Super Bowl Commercials


This year there were a lot of funny ads, we think. Here are some of the ones we particularly enjoyed. Click the links at the bottom of the page or on the left to see more.

Chevy Silverado - Lassie TV Show Takeoff

This cleaver commercial is a take off on the old Lassie TV show. Some of us are
old enough to remember. Tommy was always getting into a pickle,
including falling down a well. Lassie would run to the house and bark.
Tommy's dad always knew what Lassie was saying, just like this dad.



Coca-Cola (Coke) Border Patrol

This Coke commercial is quite well done. It keeps you on the edge of
your seat, is entertaining and does a good job of showing off the product.
Good job, Coke.



Chevy Cruze Eco - Misunderstanding

These old guys all can't hear. The way they misunderstand
the commercial is really funny.



NFL Best Fans

The NFL has the best fans ever. Great excerpts from the best TV shows from years past.



E-Trade Babies - Enzo, The Tailor

E-Trade once again entertains us with a delightful commercial using those talking babies.



Another E-Trade Babies - Bless You, Peppers

Hers's another E-Trade commercial with the talking babies. Poor cat can't stop sneezing.



Cool Colored Sunglasses
In Rainbow Colors
Funny 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV. Super Bowl Ads.

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Super Bowl Ads


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