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Hyundai 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV

Hyundai 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV


Hyundai is back with Super Bowl Ads featuring their 40 MPG Elantra and Sonata Hybrid. This year they are somewhat more interesting than in years past, with the motto, "Snap Out of It!"

Stop Settling for Predictable

Hyundai asks why car manufacturers keeping building boring cars, driven by us "sheep."



Focus on the Screen and Relax.

Compact cars don't have to be boring or feel compact. Snap out of it, Man!



Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

What if we settled for the first thing that came along?
This one is funny, showing some really ancient technology and ideas.



Old Time Candy
You Know You Want Some!

Hundreds to Choose From
Watermelon Slices
2011 Super Bowl Hyundai Commercials, 45, XLV. Super Bowl Ads.

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