Doritos 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLVIt's easier to get an A.A. meeting together than a touch-football game now. - Christopher Kennedy
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Doritos 2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV

2011 Doritos SuperBowl Commercials, 45, XLV, Super Bowl Ads.


Once again, Doritos shines among the Super Bowl Ads in 2011. Here they are for your enjoyment.

Doritos Pug Attack Commercial

When will these guys learn? Don't try to get the best of a dog when
Doritos are involved. This is the 2011 version of a guy trying to
tease a dog with a Dorito. The dog always wins.



Doritos - House Sitting

"Feed the fish. Water the plants. I'll see you next Thursday."
Your worse nightmare in a house sitter. But Doritos save the day,
and his skin.



Doritos - Birthday Wish

Blow out the candles and all your wishes will come true.



Doritos - Adam and Eve

What if it had really happened like this in the Garden of Eden?


Cool Colored Sunglasses
In Rainbow Colors
Doritos Super Bowl Commercials

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