Watch your favorite 2011 Super Bowl commercials, Super Bowl Ads.It's not just the size of the man that counts, but the fight in the man. - DLK
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2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV

Watch your favorite 2011 Super Bowl commercials, Super Bowl Ads.


Here are more Superbowl 45 ads for your enjoyment.

Little Darth Vader and the VW Passat
Unedited, extended. See the whole ad.

In our opinion, and a lot of other people's, this Super Bowl 45 commercial
is the best one of them all. This little Darth Vader, played by six year old
Max Page, is amazing. We expect to see a lot more of him in the future.



VW Super Bowl Commercial - The "Beetle"

This commercial is quite clever. A beetle is really a VW Beetle



Motorola Spoof on Apple Commercial - Goodbye 1984

Motorola spoof on the Apple 1984 Super Bowl commercial.
The turn the tide on Apple which is now the establishment.



GoDaddy Commercial, Super Bowl XLV

Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick think this GoDaddy commercial is
over the top but have to do it anyway.



Rio The Movie Trailer - With Hidden Code for Angry Birds

See the trailer for the movie Rio. Hidden in the ad is a code to reach a
new level in the immensely popular game Angry Birds. Scan it with your
Smart Phone to get the code. This is the first Super Bowl commercial
to have a embedded code. Use your smart phone to scan the code.



Composite of Super Bowl 45 Doritos Commercials

  • Adam and Eve
  • Birthday Wish
  • House Sitting
  • Pug Attack
  • Are You Going To Finish Those?

Click to see all 2011 Doritos Super Bowl Commercials.

Stuck between a bad job and a hard place?
CareerBuilder brings back their popular chimpanzees.



Chevy Transformer - "Bumblebee"

Never mess with a Chevy, Dude. A kind of boring dealership ad gets
exciting when the car morphs into Bumblebee, the Transformer.



Chrysler Commercial

Eminem shows off Detroit as the comeback city, manufacturer of Chrysler.
A well done ad focusing on the product (which some ads do not, what a waste
of advertising money). Eminem says, "This is the Motor City and this is what we do."
The ad ends with "Imported from Detroit," a cleaver way to say, "Made in America."



Groupon Super Bowl Commercial XLV

We think this one was in poor taste. It starts out like ití's a public
service announcement about to ask for donations to impoverished
Tibet. But then switches to Timothy Hutton at Himalayan Restaurant
in Chicago bragging about how he paid $15 for a $30 meal.



Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy

There is mixed reaction to this ad for Best Buy's buy back campaign.
Some think it is not very entertaining.



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2011 Super Bowl Commercials, 45, XLV

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Super Bowl Ads


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