2005 Super Bowl Commercials, 39, XXXIXI do not like football, which I think of as a game in which two tractors approach each other from opposite directions and collide. Besides, I have contempt for a game in which players have to wear so much equipment. Men play basketball in their underwear, which seems just right to me. - Anna Quindlen
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2005 Super Bowl Commercials, 39, XXXIX

2005 Super Bowl Commercials


Emerald Nuts - Daddy Tells Fibs

Honey, if you eat these Emerald Nuts unicorns will disappear forever.



Bud Light - Fighting Cockatoo

Brazilian fighting cockatoo guards the Bud Light.



Reebok Commercial - Terry Tate

Terry Tate motivates the Reebok employees to work (or else)!



Ford GT Ad - This is the One

In what gear do you realize that a car is everything it's supposed to be?



Lay's Potato Chips - MC Hammer

Kids get back their ball and a lot more.



Cool Colored Sunglasses
In Rainbow Colors
2005 Super Bowl Commercials

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